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Using Vinegar To Tighten Your Vagina ?

If you have been searching for methods to tighten up a loose vagina,  you may have discovered something a little bit odd. Vinegar, that's right, for possibly centuries, people have been swearing by vinegar as a one-stop solution to all their vaginal problems. However, does it work?


Using Vinegar on the Vagina

Among the leading ways vinegar is said to improve the tightness of a vagina is by using it topically. This generally means simply basting your vaginal area with it. While vinegar does contain acids and chemicals that can tighten your skin, this result is just temporary and is because of the effect of the acids on the skin. Some vinegar will be so acidic that rather than tightening your skin, it will rust it. After a couple of hours, your skin will go back to regular, and all you'll have achieved is having a weird-smelling vagina.


While there does not seem to be any proven beneficial effect to using vinegar on the vagina, there is the potential for some negative ones. The vagina has its natural Ph. Vinegar likewise has its various Ph level. Using vinegar to your vagina can totally unbalance the vagina's natural acidity and provide you with yeast infections or introduce all sorts of other bacteria into the area. Professor Linda Cardozo from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in London told the publication that not only is the technique completely useless, it’s dangerous. She warned that the practice could disrupt the organ’s delicate ‘good’ bacteria, putting women at risk of infection and irritation.“Putting cider vinegar in your vagina would not only be uncomfortable but it also has the potential to cause damage and disrupt the natural flora of the vagina.”


If you still aren't convinced and wish to try vinegar on your own, it is typically performed in the form of a natural douche. People normally will blend one part vinegar with 2 parts water. The mix is put into a squeezable bottle, and the tip is inserted into the vagina. Squeeze the mixture into the vaginal cavity and continue releasing till you have used all of the solutions. You can then take a shower if you want to rinse the leftovers from your vaginal area.


Bathing in Vinegar

Bathing in vinegar is promoted for a similar reason as using it topically. Females will make a mix of vinegar and water and take a long soak in it to tighten up the skin all over their bodies. Again, this is a mainly temporary effect and will decrease within a couple of hours. It does bring much of the same negatives as topically applying vinegar. Just this time, there are many more areas for the vinegar to enter your body, which means there are many more areas to cause problems.  Perhaps the worst thing,however, you'll stink of vinegar! Why anybody would bear with the smell for a long period for at best debatable results is beyond me, however each to their own.


Drinking Vinegar

The last method I have seen advised to use vinegar for tightening the vagina is to drink it. Instead of traditional vinegar, this is normally done with apple cider vinegar. Now, this is one that right from the start, I'm going to say DON'T DO IT. Vinegar is acidic, and can cause some damage to internal organs. Instead of unbalancing the Ph of your vagina, the concoction will be moving through your whole system. It can cause damage to your teeth, gums, and esophagus due to the acidic nature of the liquid. It can distress your stomach and cause you to lose potassium, which can cause bone damage. Due to the mixture moving through your system, you could be in for a rough time if you have any recommended medications. Mixing prescribed medicines with anything can be harmful, however precisely so with something as acidic as vinegar.


As you can see, when you begin using things like vinegar to attempt and tighten your vagina, you're walking down a harmful road. I suggest you leave this one on the internet and try more proven ways of vaginal tightening, such as Kegel exercises or vaginal weights.

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