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How To Use Kegel Balls Most Effectively For Pelvic Floor Strength

This post will guide you through how to use ben wa balls or kegel balls for most effective strengthening and tightening your pelvic floor muscles.First of all, the most appropriate depth to insert the ball. Secondly, we'll talke about how actually to use your muscles to exercise with the love balls. Then also the best position to be in, whether it's lying sitting or standing, and then we’ll alert you to a couple of dangers to look out for when you're using these kegel balls.  

So this is a kegel ball, also called exercise ball and ben wa ball. You'll usually find that it's a weighted ball , and there will be a retraction loop at the end of it. You'll find you can get cheap designs, but you often get what you pay for. Because the surfaces of some of the cheaper balls will erode, there will also be areas where bacteria can accumulate. So a good set of kegel balls are important things to look out for.

Alright, let's talk about how to use these love balls for the most effective strengthening and toning. First of all, you need to wash your hands and make sure that your love ball is clean and dry. We advise you to use a water-based lubricant with these balls. Using a silicone lubricant can break down the love ball's surface, so always use a water-based lubricant. Just put a couple of tiny drops on top of the ball, and then what you do for insertion is either lying down with both knees bent or one leg raised. For example, you can have one foot elevated over the bath. But the important thing is not to insert the ball too deeply. 

So when you insert the ball, you should have three to five centimeters or one to two inches of space. That's how high the geisha ball should sit inside, that's the sort of a depth.  If you insert the ball too high, your pelvic floor muscles are down here they'll be trying to lift and having no effect. So this pleasure ball doesn't insert like a tampon, it inserts much lower down. Actually more like that the muscles can lift and lower the pleasure ball when you do that with your kegel exercises. Sometimes you'll see some instructions say, to put the ball in, insert it and hope for the best. That isn't going to work. In fact, there's some dangers associated with doing that. So we've talked about the kegel balls sitting just inside, three to five centimeters or one to two inches. If you put your finger in, that's depth, and you should be touching the bottom of it there.

The second mistake is to put the ben wa balls in and just walk around with it. You need to exercise the same way you'd be in the gym with your active lifting and lowering pelvic floor exercises. If you're using them for strengthening, you've got the kege balls inserted, and the idea is to actually use your muscles doing your lift and squeeze contraction and lowering down. Using your pelvic floor muscles with the love ball inserted, so it acts like a weight. You lift contract, squeeze and lift slowly, and lower the ball or the cone down slowly. Now the idea is gradually over time, some of these have increased weights. So you increase the weight as your muscles get stronger, and you can also increase the number of repetitions or exercises you do as your muscles get stronger.

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So you've got two key things that we've talked about. First of all is the very important insertion depth. Second, the way you use your muscles with the exercises is vital. Not just putting the ball in,and hoping for the best won't work.

Now, the best position is if you're starting and your muscles aren't particularly strong you might like to try the exercises lying down. So in that lying down position, you're not lifting against gravity, and you might be able to use your muscles by lifting and squeezing. If you just touch the retraction loop, you'll notice that it moves inside and back as you contract, and very importantly as you relax. So it's important to contract and then relax the muscles as well. If you're more after strength gains, use the love balls upright standing, so that then you have to lift, because remember your pelvic floor muscles sit at the base of your pelvis like that,  so the muscles are having to lift and lower against gravity, and again.  you do your repetitions the same as you'd be doing exercises in the gym. So you'd be lifting one and down and two and down for your biceps muscles. It's the same principle for lifting and lowering your pelvic floor muscles.

Last but not least, let's talk about two of the dangers associated or potentially associated with using the balls. The first is over contracting and not relaxing. If you do too much of these tightening exercises, the pelvic floor muscles can become too tight, and they won't be able to relax the way they should. So it's really important that you don't overdo it. You do your three sets of eight to ten exercises. But you're  lifting, and then you're relaxing at the same time. 


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The second thing is not to leave the kegel balls inside.  Suppose you imagine walking around with a weight. If I was carrying a heavyweight around all day my shoulder is going to get tired. If you've got a love ball inserted, and your muscles aren't working, the muscles are going to get very tired, and they're probably going to weaken and stretch.  So if you're using a heavy weight,don't insert it and hope for the best. You're likely to stretch  and damage your pelvic floor muscles. It’s much better to use the short term for your exercises,  lifting and lowering, then relax your pelvic floor and take the weight out by pulling down gently on the retraction loop. Then you wash the ball in warm soapy water,  wash your hands, dry it thoroughly and store it.

We've talked about the correct insertion depth, how to insert the balls, we've also talked about the correct way to exercise and we talked about positions, the benefits of lying down versus standing up for your exercises.  So we hope that we have gave you some perfect ideas on how to do kegel ball exercises.