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Ben Wa Balls For Pelvic Floor Muscles

You have probably heard about it, Ben Wa balls. And these vaginal balls (also called Geisha balls, kegel balls, Ben Wa balls or Pleasure balls) are good for erotic pleasure, your health and good sex.

But how exactly do they work? What can you do with it?How do you use these kegel balls?And which kind of ball is the right choice?

Below we are happy to help you make the right choice and explain how to use these love balls.


Strong pelvic floor good for health, better sex & more powerful orgasms

Ben Wa balls are centuries old. They combine sensual pleasure and awareness with effective pelvic floor exercises. According to research it’s a successful combination.

The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles located at the bottom of our pelvis. For convenience, we usually talk about the pelvic floor. They form the bottom of our pelvis. This muscle group provides support to the organs in the abdomen and can close our bladder and bowel, allowing us to hold back urine and stool. The pelvic floor is also very important in sexuality. The pelvic floor muscles are therefore also called sex muscles.


Healthy pelvic floor muscles provide:

  • More feeling while making love for her, but also him
  • It prevents and helps with unwanted urine loss
  • More powerful orgasms and easier orgasm
  • More natural moisture production (which is extra important during and after the transition)
  • More sexual awareness
  • A more intense sensation during having sex


Pelvic floor muscles similar to elastic

You can compare the pelvic floor muscles with an elastic band: if there is little resilience and too little tension on the elastic, it hangs too loosely and loses its effect. This can reduce the feeling during sex and make it more difficult to have an orgasm. There can also be a loss of urine during sex or an orgasm.


Why do pelvic floor muscles lose resilience?

This is mainly due to aging. Then muscles, and therefore also the pelvic floor muscles, lose strength. Childbirth and menopause can also significantly weaken the pelvic floor muscles.


Training makes pelvic floor muscles stronger.

But fortunately, the pelvic floor muscles, like all other muscles in the body, can be made stronger by training. Training also gives more control over the muscles. And the great thing is, it's never too late to start doing that.


Why is training pelvic floor muscles with kegel balls so good?

You can train your pelvic floor muscles without kegel balls, but it is not easy for everyone to find the right muscle. And training the wrong muscles can backfire.Training with love balls is a great solution. And a fun and easy one!You can wear the balls during daily activities and immediately train your pelvic floor muscles.


How do these kegel balls work?

When the balls are inserted, they tend to sink and fall under their weight.This triggers a spontaneous reflex that causes the pelvic floor muscles to contract.This action stimulates and trains the pelvic floor muscles that are so important for sex.


Which Kegel Balls Should I Choose?

There are 1pc balls and love balls sets in different shapes and sizes. It is a bit like fitness equipment. For example, for training the arm muscles, there are light and heavyweights. Depending on what the goal is and what the starting situation is, you choose the right weight.


In addition, the size of the geisha ball plays an important role. Which balls are the right choice for you? We would love to help you.

Good to know

The heavier the kegel, the more challenging the workout, and the same goes for smaller balls.The training is heavier with small balls.The bigger and lighter the balls, the easier they are to hold and carry. And the easier the training with these balls is.

Larger ben wa balls have the advantage that you feel them sit and move better. That makes training easier, especially for 50 plus ladies. They are also often perceived as more exciting.

But beware, not everyone likes a larger kegel ball. That also has to do with personal preference. Do you use tampons in small size , or do you find it difficult to insert something into your vagina? Just choose a smaller (lighter) love ball!


Choosing the Right Pleasure ball for You

Every woman is different, and the condition of the pelvic floor muscles can also diiferent. That makes choosing the right pleasure balls quite difficult. That is why we recommend a training set with several kegel balls in most cases.

You can choose for a kegel exercise balls set with holders where you can put balls of different weights, or you can choose for a set with separate kegel balls.

The advantage of these sets is that you can adjust the training. You can start up slowly, build up the training at your own pace, and make it more challenging, just like fitness equipment.

And if the first ball turns out to be a bit too light because your pelvic floor muscles are in better condition than expected, you could start with a heavier love ball.

Nowadays there are many beautiful and effective ben wa balls sets that you can choose from. We are happy to help you choose the right kegel set below.


Counterweights in the balls

Some love ball sets contain a moving counterweight. When you wear the balls and then walk or move, this causes a slight vibration or a subtle kinetic vibe. This provides a sensual experience that increases sexual awareness and can intensify training. But don't be disappointed if you don't feel any excitement when wearing the balls. The sensitivity of the inside of the vagina is different for every woman. But that doesn't make the training any less effective.

A moving counterweight can have an added value when training, but it is not necessary for good training.

The disadvantage of these counterweights is that the geisha balls often make some noise when carrying.

 Vibrating Ben Wa Balls Kit For Women & Men Bladder Control

How do you insert the vaginal balls correctly? And how do you use them?How do you use vaginal balls to strengthen the pelvic floor? Here we explain it step by step.

Using Kegel Balls - Step 1 Preparation

First of all, it is wise to empty your bladder before you start training the kegel balls.

Then try to relax. For example, a shower beforehand can be nice.

Make sure that you have enough time to insert the kegel balls for beginners in a relaxed manner and that you have a good and safe water-based lubricant at hand.

Using vagina balls - Step 2 Cleaning

Clean vagina balls before use. You can do this with anti-bacterial soap or adult  toy cleaner.

You don't have to use a toy cleaner, but you will prevent bacteria and fungi if you use a toy cleaner every time.

Use Bowling Ball - Step 3 Lube

Before inserting vaginal ball or balls, first, apply a little lubricant to the front ball. That makes insertion more comfortable. Do not apply too much, as that can make the ball too slippery, and vaginal balls will slide out too easily.Most vaginal balls are silicone, so it's safest to choose a water-based lubricant over a non-silicone one.

Using pleasure balls - Step 4 Insertion

Lie or sit down and relaxed, and bring your attention to your pelvic floor area.

Then you insert the pleasure balls or the ball one by one. You press them a little into your vagina until the ball slides in. Then it's all right. Do not push the ball to the back of the vagina.The string must stay outside of your body.

Do you have a set of pleasure balls? Then choose the first correct ball to start the training with.

The best pleasure balls weight to start with is the ball that, once inserted, you can comfortably "lift" and "lower" some times.

Start with the lightest pleasure ball and see if this works. Are you doing this easily? Then you go through another, heavier one. Repeat until you find a comfortable challenging weight.

Use geisha balls - step 5 Placing the balls.

Try experimenting with the spot. This stimulates the vaginal wall and provides an exciting feeling. Try wearing them lower in the vagina for a softer sensation or getting them right behind the g-spot for more intense arousal.

The most important thing is that the basic geisha ball is on top of the pelvic floor muscle. The exact distance from the vaginal opening to the pelvic floor muscle varies from woman to woman but think about a thickness (not the length) of about two fingers. Then you are most likely already behind the pelvic floor muscle.

Use ben wa balls - step 6 Doing daily activities.

After inserting the ben wa ball or balls, you can continue with your daily activities. You can wear the kegel balls while cooking, walking the dog, or doing your yoga exercises. Many ladies like to wear vaginal balls during the morning ritual.

Do this for 15-30 minutes 4 times a week. It can take 2 to 3 weeks to experience progress. But it can also take a little longer. Persistence is the way to success, so don't give up too soon!

Do you have a set of kegel balls? Then you can choose for the next, heavier ball after a few weeks.

Use kegel balls - step 7 Removing the balls.

After your training, you can remove the kegel balls again. This is easily done using the ball.Relax and also use your breathing when removing the balls.

After use, clean the love balls again under the tap or with a toy cleaner and store them in a dark, cool place.

After a few weeks of training with these kegel balls (sometimes longer), you will notice that your pelvic floor muscles have become stronger.

You will experience more feeling during sex, the natural moisture production will be improved, and you will also suffer less from urine loss.


Simple training with ben wa balls

You activate and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by wearing the balls during your normal activities such as walking, swimming, or cleaning.

You must stand or keep moving, not sit or lie down. The balls will tend to sink and fall under their weight. Your pelvic floor muscles react to this and contract automatically. This ensures effective and specific physiotherapy.


How long and how often train?

Depending on how you feels, the balls can be worn for a few minutes or longer. We recommend gradually increasing the operating time. But preferably no longer than 30 minutes, because too tight pelvic floor muscles can cause other problems. For real muscle strengthening, the balls must be worn regularly over a continuous period, with a rest day after two days of training for the best result. For example, several times a week for 1-4 months.


Kegel Exercises

You can do Kegel exercises with these Kegel balls. Exercise 1 and 2, in particular, are good exercises to start with.

Kegel Exercise 1 Good Start Exercise (Squeeze)

For this exercise, you sit on a chair. You have introduced the ball; keep your legs closed. You try to move the ball gently back and forth. Then focus on squeezing the balls. Like you want to hold and squeeze them. You hold this squeeze for a few seconds, then release and relax for a few seconds.

The time for relaxation should be at least equal to the time for exercise. So squeeze for 2 seconds, then relax for 2 seconds. You do this exercise 10 times, take a one-minute break and do another set of 10. Then you take a 2-minute break and then do the last set of 10. You can do these Kegel exercises 3 to 4 times a day for optimal results. After a few weeks, you will see a huge improvement.

Kegel exercise 2 with ben wa balls (lift up)

A simple but effective exercise is to squeeze the vagina around the balls, then use your pelvic floor muscles to lift them further up into your vagina. Hold for 3 to 10 seconds, let the ball return to the low rest position and relax. The relaxation time should be equal to the time for exercise, and it is even better to opt for a slightly longer relaxation time.You can try this exercise sitting or standing.

Then repeat the exercise of squeezing, lifting and relaxing. And do this full exercise 8-12 times. It is best to do this exercise 3 to 4 days a week. A rest day will help restore your pelvic floor muscles and maximize the effectiveness of your next workout.

You can gradually increase the weight of your kegel as the pelvic floor muscles get stronger. And you can slowly increase the contraction (and relaxation) time from 3 to 10 seconds.

This will help you gradually challenge the pelvic floor muscles to work harder and become more powerful.

Kegel exercise 3 with ben wa balls (pull out)

Sit on the edge of your bed or chair and insert the ball(s). Tighten your pelvic floor muscle, and then try to pull the ball(s) out gently. As you gently pull on the string, tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Do this for 5 seconds. Then relax for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times. Give yourself a minute break before starting the second set. After the second and last set, take a 2-minute break. If you do it 3 to 4 times a week and find this is getting too easy, you can increase the number of sets from 10 to 15. You can also slowly increase the time from 5 to 10 seconds.


Some questions about using kegel balls


The balls slide out? Am I doing something wrong?

You may experience that the balls tend to slip out after just a few minutes. If this happens, don't worry; just continue with your program. Eventually, your muscles will get stronger, and they will automatically start holding the balls in place. Don't give up too soon. The beginning can be difficult.


Wondering how the balls will come out again?

No worries. The Ben Wa balls without string or cord are quite heavy and fall out on their own. By tightening your pelvic floor muscles, they stay in place. So if you stop tightening, they will slide out on their own. If that doesn't work right away, a little pressing can help.


How do I clean ben wa balls?

Vaginal balls should be cleaned thoroughly with soap and warm water before and after use. Then let them dry.

You can also clean them with a sex toy cleaner. All the ben wa balls we sell are made of non-porous material and can therefore be cleaned thoroughly.

This is important in order not to give bacteria and fungi a chance and to prevent vaginal infections.

100% silicone balls can also be boiled for 3 minutes to sterilize them.


How can I keep my pelvic floor in shape?

If you have got your pelvic floor muscles back in good shape through training, you naturally want to keep it that way. By regularly using the kegel balls, you keep your pelvic floor muscles strong, you prevent annoying complaints, and it helps you to enjoy sex for a lifetime.


Can I use kegel balls during my pregnancy?

Yes, you can continue with this, just like with sports, until the due date, but you will have to read further. During pregnancy, there is extra pressure on the pelvic floor muscles. The extent to which this leads to pelvic floor ailments differs per woman. But you can significantly reduce the chance of this by training the pelvic floor muscles. This is a good idea for several reasons:

  • You suffer less from incontinence ailments
  • You have less risk of pelvic instability
  • You can carry and support your baby better during pregnancy
  • The risk of prolapse is reduced
  • You get a greater awareness of your pelvic floor muscles and thus a greater ability to press in a controlled manner.
  • You have a better chance of an easier and faster recovery after childbirth
  • You can enjoy sex more during pregnancy

Strong pelvic floor muscles are important during pregnancy, but good control over this muscle group is necessary for childbirth. Therefore, our tip is to use the Kegel balls for exercises such as the Extra Kegel exercises mentioned above. This way, you get more powerful pelvic floor muscles and immediately good control over your pelvic floor muscles. You will learn how to tighten and relax this muscle group.

And of course, this also applies: keep listening to your body and don't overdo it.